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Hire a Professional Organizer if you can relate to any of the following: 


  • Are you embarrassed to have people over? 

  • Wasting time because you can't find things? 

  • Re-buying items because you've "lost" them in the clutter, wasting money? 

  • Are you having "Chores Wars" and fighting with your partner about the mess? 

  • Have you lost your personal or work space because the clutter has taken over? 

  • Do you feel tense and stressed in your own environment?

  • Do you struggle figuring out how and where to start?

  • Is it hard to make decisions about your stuff?

  • Are you dreading dealing with the piles around you?

  • Have you recently moved, had a baby, gotten a divorce, lost a loved one--Life Transition can sink you into a whirlwind of clutter and chaos. 

A Professional Organizer Can Help!


Disorganization effects your physical health, mental health, finances, career, relationships, your focus, energy and so much more


  • Home Organization - any room or space!!!  Closets, kitchens, garages, children's rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, pet spaces, playrooms, etc   


  • Office Organization - organizing paper clutter, stationary and cards, memorabilia, financial records, contacts, email accounts, creating filing systems, properly arranging office furniture, decorating office spaces  


  • Paper & Financial Organization - tackle your paper clutter, organize your financial records, create a better bill paying system, prepare for tax time, manage and improve your debt/credit cards/bank accounts and even your credit scores via organization, properly organize your papers and files 


  • Moving/Relocation Services - helping you de-clutter, organize your belongings, and pack so it's a breeze unpacking. Need to Downsize? BAPO has you covered! In Your New Place: unpacking, arranging furniture and decor items, setting up new organizational systems 


  • Estate Organization - specializing in clients dealing with grief, losing a loved one (including pets) 


  • Memorabilia - organizing and storing your photographs, collections and historical items 


  • Space Planning and Decorating - transforming your space so it supports all of your activities, furniture is properly arranged to optimize space, and decor is rearranged to create a clutter-free, comfortable, inviting aesthetic


  • Coaching - designing and setting up systems for your business and/or home, developing personal and professional strategies to meet your goals 








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